How to permanently get rid of blackheads on the nose? The most effective way heip you remove blackheads

Black-headed acne is the most common skin problem. Generally, oily skin easily cause this skin problem. Mainly because the oil is not discharged in time to block the pores. What are the natural ways to remove blackheads?

The natural way to remove blackheads:

1. Use brown sugar and tea leaves remove blackheads

Prepare black tea and brown sugar according to the amount you need, mix according to the ratio of 1: 1 and pour into the pot, then add appropriate amount of clean water to boil, after the water is warm, add a small amount of flour to mix and mix into a paste Then, apply it on your face, wipe it off with a towel after 15 minutes, or wash your nose if necessary. The skin becomes very moisturized and has a certain whitening effect.

2. Homemade lemon juice

How to remove blackheads and shrink pores? Homemade lemon juice shrinks pores. When we wash our face in the morning and evening, we can add proper amount of lemon juice to the face wash. This will not only whiten the skin, but also reduce the pimples and shrink pores on the face.

3. Homemade lemon scrub

Prepare a fresh lemon and cut it in half, put it in a juicer to squeeze it into juice, then add the appropriate amount of honey and fine sugar to the lemon juice, mix it evenly and apply it to the blackheads or acne prone areas. After five minutes, Rinse with warm water. Lemon is rich in vitamin C. It can not only shrink pores, but also remove blackheads and whiten skin.

4. Homemade astringent

1/2 cup of purified water, 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar, lavender essential oil, lemon juice. Prepare a spray bottle, then pour pure water and apple cider vinegar into the bottle, then drop two to three drops of lavender essential oil and lemon juice, shake it, and use it after shaking evenly. It is best to use homemade astringent every morning and evening .

5. Apply the frozen water to the face

Apply the frozen lotion to the face. First, freeze the appropriate amount of the lotion, and then soak the compressed mask paper in the makeup water. After the compressed mask paper is fully absorbed, it can be applied to the face. If you have oily skin, you can choose a lotion containing a small amount of alcohol, which can not only reduce pores, but also control oil to prevent the growth of acne.

6. Aloe juice facial masking method

Aloe vera facial mask is also a method to remove blackheads and shrink pores. Aloe vera can not only effectively calm the skin, but also reduce pores. Apply fresh aloe vera juice to your face or make a facial mask before going to bed every night. This kind of skin care effect is very obvious. After a long time, you will find that your skin becomes noticeably delicate.

Tips for removing acne and blackheads

Tip 1: Use salt to remove blackheads

Salt can be used to remove blackheads, such as acne or wounds. Use it with caution. After washing your face, do not dry your skin. Use salt (salt from cooking) to apply a proper amount on the nose in a circular massage. You will feel the salt slow Slowly melt (the occasional use of fine salt), continue to massage, after about ten minutes (you can feel it) wash with clean water!

Precautions: Those with acne or wounds will definitely hurt, use with caution; those with sensitive skin are not recommended to use this method.

Tip 2: Use egg white to remove blackheads

Step One: Please prepare cotton pads, which is also very common. If the cotton pads are large, Please tear it and tear it into thin slices, the thinner the better.

Step two: Knock the egg. pour out the egg white, can not be mixed with egg yolk, put the egg white in a small bowl, put the egg yolk in another small bowl. Egg whites do not need to be stirred. Take a piece of cotton pad or a piece of facial mask paper, preferably cut to the size of the nose. Soak the cut mask paper or cotton pads in a container containing egg whites.

Step three: Place the hot towel on the place where you want to remove the blackhead, apply it for 2-3 minutes and open the pores. After 2-3 minutes, apply the soaked mask paper or cotton pad to the nose. Wait for the homemade eggs to clear the blackhead stickers and completely dry (depending on personal circumstances, the time varies. It is recommended to paste at least one and a half hours). Remove the dry mask paper or cotton pad. The sides of the nostrils are oriented from bottom to top, and the top of the nose bridge is peeled from top to bottom.

Tip 3: Long-term patience to blackheads

Blackhead removal is a long-term project that requires patience. No product or method can be done overnight. Everyone knows that everything has a metabolic cycle, and blackheads are no exception. After the aging blackheads have been cleared for a few days, new blackheads are forming again. In this metabolic cycle, special care is needed for daily care Continue to clean up the new blackheads, and persevere, the strawberry nose will be slowly cured.

Tip 4: Deep cleansing mask

Deep cleansing mask generally has the function of removing blackheads, because deep cleansing can generally remove old and dead cuticles, so that the oil particles plugged inside can be photographed more smoothly. And some deep cleansing masks contain kaolin, activated carbon and other components with adsorption function, which can also adsorb blackheads out of the white surface instead of being hidden deep in the pores.

Tip 5: Regular exfoliation

The importance of exfoliation is unquestionable, even the most delicate skin will have deposited waste keratin. If the keratin is not cleaned in time, the skin will tend to appear dull, not to mention when the horny clogs the pores, causing acne, pimples and even inflammation and other terrible skin disasters.

Tip 6: Use cleansing oil removes blackheads

Girls who have known  cleansing oil know that makeup  cleansing oil is a kind of oil added with emulsifier, which can be merged with the makeup oil stains on the face to take away makeup and excess oil stains. According to its function, we can know that it has a certain effect on the pores, but it should be noted that it must be fully massaged and then cleaned with a cleansing product for a second time to prevent the secondary residue of makeup remover from blocking Pores.

Tip 7: Deep cleaning care once or twice a month

Deep cleaning care is not easy to do too often, it is easy to hurt the skin, but will get the opposite effect. It is enough to suggest going once or twice a month. However, oily skin must develop the habit of regular exfoliation. Weekly professional deep cleansing care can help remove dirt and greasy layers of the skin and reduce the formation of acne and blackheads.

Tip 8: Proper facial massage

Gently pressing the skin and massage can improve the smoothness of the lymph and blood, and it will not irritate the skin and will not cause inflammation to spread again.

Tip 9: Correct steps to blackhead

Step one: Clean the face, the face must be washed before the blackhead removal work.

Step two: Prepare bath salt, dipping the bath salt with the middle fingers of both hands, and massage on the blackheads of the face. The massage method is the same as that of washing the face

Bath salt should not be used for too long, usually 1 minute. Then rinse off the residual bath salts with water.

Step three: After washing off the bath salt, use sea mud to cleanse the anti-allergic detox mask. Take a proper amount of mask with a scraper. Cover the entire face about 3mm in a horizontal direction.

Step five: After applying the mask, wait for 15-20 minutes to wash off the mask with water.

Use 1-2 times a week, use 2-3 times blackheads for medium to mild blackheads to eliminate, and boys need to insist to use more times. This method is safe and effective to remove blackheads, and can also prevent the regeneration of new blackheads.

Recommendation: Clean the skin with warm water before use.


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