How to prevent blackheads,14 tips to help you get rid of blackheads

How blackheads occur?


Blackheads are also a stage of acne formation.There are many reasons for its formation, mainly under the action of androgen, the sebaceous glands are active, the secretion of sebum is increased, and the adhesion of keratinocytes at the funnel of the hair follicle increases, which causes the opening to block.


It is mainly composed of sebum, cell debris, and bacteria. It is formed by blocking the opening of the hair follicle (commonly known as horn plug), plus the dust, dirt and oxidation in the air, making it contact with the air. The hardened grease blocker gradually turns black, so it gets such a less elegant title-“black head”, which usually appears on the forehead, nose and other parts of the face.


Blackheads often appear in places where there is too much oil secretion in the body. Because of the strong oil secretion in the T zone of the human face, blackheads often appear around the T zone. Not only are young people in adolescence, but people of any age are more or less affected by blackheads. The appearance of blackheads is affected by the internal factors of personal constitution and external factors of skin care habits. If skin care is not done properly, there may be blackheads.


Irregular diet, regular consumption of sweets and fried foods will increase the secretion of fat, excessive sebaceous gland fat is one of the causes of blackheads. Staying up all night to work, irregular work schedule will lead to endocrine disorders, often facing the computer will make the skin lack of water, the skin’s water-oil balance disorders, it will also induce the appearance of blackheads. The recurrence of blackheads is also affected by the seasons. In the summer, the weather is sultry, the skin pores are enlarged, the body’s own metabolism is accelerated, and the oil on the face will naturally accelerate the generation of blackheads. Of course, it cannot be ignored that the use of cosmetics that are not suitable for oneself or inferior cosmetics can not only control the growth of blackheads, the effect may be counterproductive, but will increase the production of blackheads.


How to prevent blackheads ?


Although blackheads are common on the face, it is a systemic skin defect. Although blackhead acne is easier to treat, the best way is to prevent its formation from the source.




Tip 1:Keep your skin clean


Cleanse your skin often. Regular skin cleansing can remove excess impurities and oil, prevent the formation of blackheads or clog pores.



Use a neutral pH cleanser. You can also choose a facial cleanser containing salicylic acid, which can effectively purify pores and prevent acne.

Most grocery stores and pharmacies have non-irritating skin cleansing products.

Extremely oily skin can use oil-free cleanser. Similarly, dry skin should use cleanser containing glycerin or cream.

Don’t use bar soaps as their ingredients may clog pores. Don’t use bar soaps, the ingredients it contains can cause clogged pores.

Clean your skin with lukewarm water. Overheated water will take away sebum and irritate the skin.


Tip 2: Avoid excessive cleaning.


It is important to cleanse the skin, but also avoid excessive. Too frequent or too violent will irritate the skin, take away sebum, and cause acne.



Cleaning the acne area twice a day will keep it clean and prevent blackheads






Tip 3: Remove makeup before going to bed.


Sleeping with makeup can cause clogged pores. Apply a mild cleanser or makeup remover before bed to remove any residual makeup.



If the cosmetics are waterproof, you can use specific makeup remover products. You can also use cleanser, most cleanser can effectively remove residual makeup.

Washing makeup tools or cotton pads with soapy water every month can eliminate bacteria and prevent clogged pores.






Tip 4: Take a shower after strenuous exercise.


If you are a very active person, pay attention to taking a bath in time after strenuous exercise. Sweating can cause excessive skin bacteria and oil, clogging the pores.



Do not use alkaline soap to clean the acne area, use a mild and acid-base detergent



Tip 5: Keep Hydrate everyday


Use a moisturizing product suitable for the skin after washing your face. When the skin is hydrated, it can prevent blackheads.



Oily skin also needs to be moisturized. You can use oil-free and non-irritating acne ingredients.

Ask your dermatologist or skin care professional about your skin quality. In most pharmacies and retail stores, including department stores, you can buy skin care products specifically for your skin.



Tip 6:Exfoliate regularly


Dead skin can clog pores and cause blackheads. Regular exfoliation can remove dead skin and bacteria and prevent blackheads.



Exfoliation can only remove the superficial skin, not remove blackheads.

Choose a mild exfoliating product, the product should contain synthetic or natural particles, and the particle shape is uniform. The rough texture can irritate the skin and cause blackheads. Soft towels can also be used to exfoliate.



Tip 7: Absorb excess oil


If you have oily skin, you can use topical products to absorb excess oil. This not only removes oil, but also prevents bacteria and dead skin from causing blackheads.



For more serious cases, you can use over-the-counter salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide therapy or go to the hospital and ask the doctor to prescribe medicine

Applying a mud mask once a week can help absorb excess oil and purify the skin.

Absorbent paper can be used to absorb excess oil from the face.

Follow your doctor’s instructions or instructions to avoid excessive use of the product and further skin irritation.

Most oil-absorbing products can be purchased at pharmacies or grocery stores. Online cosmetic stores also sell such products



Tip 8: Use products that are free of irritating ingredients and hypoallergenic


Make-up and other types of skin care products such as moisturizers and sunscreens should be free of irritating acne ingredients. These products will not clog pores and irritate the skin.



All products labeled as “without acne stimulating ingredients” have been tested on acne-prone skin and have been proven not to exacerbate existing acne or cause new acne.

All products marked as “hypoallergenic” have been tested on sensitive skin and proved not to irritate the skin.

There is a wide range of acne-free ingredients and hypoallergenic products, including cosmetics, sunscreen, moisturizer and toner. Most pharmacies, large department stores, online stores and even some grocery stores sell these products.



Tip 9: Don’t touch blackheads


You can’t help but want to get acne, but you must hold back. Touching the skin will spread oil and bacteria, causing more new acne.



Touching can also cause further damage and irritation to the skin.



Tip 10: Remove stubborn blackheads or large blackheads


When you encounter large blackheads or stubborn blackheads, you can use an acne needle to help clear it, but pay attention only when the situation is serious.



Acne needles are sold in most pharmacies and skin care stores.

Clean the skin before use to reduce the risk of bacterial spread.

Use a hot compress on the skin for 1-2 minutes before use.

Don’t force the blackheads. If the blackheads have not been cleared after the first attempt, do not squeeze them again in the next few days. This will help reduce damage and promote skin healing.

Refer to the instructions for the most effective use of acne needles.

If you are not sure about the use of acne needles or too many blackheads, you can ask a dermatologist. She will help you remove blackheads more effectively with acne needles.



Tip 11: Wear loose clothing


Tight clothing is not conducive to volatilization of heat and moisture, it can irritate the skin and cause blackheads. Loose clothes can keep the skin dry and comfortable and prevent the formation of acne.



Clothes with moisture wicking fabric can keep skin dry and prevent acne.

For sensitive skin, natural materials such as cotton are a good choice. Try to avoid rough fabrics such as wool to prevent skin irritation.

Always wash clothing that comes in contact with your skin, including pillowcases. Choose detergents that are mild and non-irritating.



Tip 12: Adjust your diet


There is evidence that a nutritionally balanced diet has a great effect on the skin. Staying away from unhealthy food and junk food can effectively prevent blackheads and other types of acne.



A high-fat, high-sugar diet will reduce the rate of cell turnover, cause clogged pores and trigger blackheads. Try and not eat too many fried foods or sweets.

Foods rich in vitamin A and carotene will accelerate the rate of cell replacement and make the skin healthier. Such foods include fruits and vegetables such as raspberries and carrots.

Foods rich in essential fatty acids help keep skin cells hydrated, such as walnuts and olive oil.

After eating unhealthy foods, you may be too supportive to eat other foods, but these foods can provide the vitamins and antioxidants necessary to promote skin health.

8 glasses of water a day can keep you healthy and keep your skin healthy.




Tip 13: If blackheads are stubborn or severe, you can ask your doctor or dermatologist


They will help you choose the product that best suits your skin type, and if necessary, prescribe some special ointments, such as retinoids that can effectively keep pores clean and prevent acne.



In addition, she may also suggest that you use microcrystalline microdermabrasion or chemical microdermabrasion to clear and clean pores.



Tip 14: Pay attention to sun protection


The ultraviolet rays brought by sunlight are the biggest killers of the skin. If the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, it will not only promote the growth of many blackheads, but also accelerate the aging of the skin. Many people think that summer is over and there is no need for sun protection. This idea is wrong! Ultraviolet rays are present all year round, not only in summer, but also because sun rays in summer are stronger and require sun protection. In fact, the intensity of ultraviolet rays in all seasons is not weak, and we need to take protective measures.


Generally,The appearance of blackheads is mostly caused by enlarged pores and excessive oil secretion. First of all, what we need to do is to suppress sebum secretion. Eat a regular diet, eat less sweets and deep-fried foods, do not eat too much, not picky eaters, to achieve a balanced diet and avoid excessive fat intake. Secondly, avoid staying up late in daily life, maintain a healthy work and rest, and get enough sleep to balance the endocrine, skin condition is good, natural blackheads will not come to the door. Finally, choose the right cosmetics, according to your skin condition, use corresponding skin care products at different times in different seasons, control oil in summer, moisturize in winter, do a good job of moisturizing and cleaning, and treat the skin gently, which can naturally avoid these unnecessary problems.






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