How to remove blackhead correctly,The most effective and fastest way help you get rid of blackheads

Skin care is an eternal topic for girls, but skin problems such as blackheads on the nose, enlarged pores and oil, acne, etc. are issues we cannot tolerate. What should we do with blackheads on the nose?

1. Nose sticking method

Generally speaking, water-soluble glue is attached to the external surface of the nasal patch, and the blackheads are sucked out by viscous force. This method is simple and easy, but the disadvantage is that it cannot absorb the blackheads in the deep. .

2. Salt removal method

After washing your face, while the skin is not dry, apply a proper amount of salt on your nose and massage in a circle. After you feel the salt slowly melting, continue to massage. After ten minutes, rinse with clean water.

3. Coarse salt white vinegar mask

Recipe: 1 teaspoon of coarse salt, 1 teaspoon of white vinegar, half a cup of boiling water.

Method: Put coarse salt and white vinegar in boiling water and mix well until the coarse salt is completely dissolved. Scrub the blackheads with cotton swab dipped in salt water until the water cools. Once a day until the blackheads disappear.

Effect: Vinegar has a significant cosmetic effect. It is done once a day, and is ready to use. It can effectively remove the blackheads and dead skin on the nose and make the skin smooth and moist.

4. Use rice to remove blackheads

There will be rice in everyone’s home, but you didn’t expect rice to go to blackheads. Put the rice on your nose and rub it back and forth. After five minutes you will see a lot of dirty things on the rice. That’s the waste that is removed from your nose, such as blackheads.

5. Use pearl powder to remove blackheads

Pearl powder can also remove blackheads. The method of removing blackheads with pearl powder is similar to that of baking soda. Pearl powder is cheap and easy to buy. A pharmacy can buy a large package for dozens of dollars, which can remove many blackheads. In addition to blackheads, pearl powder can also be used as a mask. Persevere for a long time, you will find that not only your skin turns white, but also your pores become smaller.

6. Scrub to remove blackheads

Before using the scrub, wet the nose first, and then use the scrub to gently circle the nose to let the blackheads expel with external force. However, this method has little effect on stubborn and large-grained blackheads, and is only suitable for fine-grained blackheads.

The best way to remove blackheads

① Deep cleansing mask: Deep cleansing mask can generally remove old and dead cuticles, so that the oil particles plugged inside can be shot more smoothly. And some deep cleansing masks contain components with adsorption function such as kaolin and activated carbon, which can also absorb the oil in the blackhead

② Regular exfoliation: Even the most delicate skin will have deposited waste keratin. If the keratin is not cleaned in time, the skin will tend to appear dull, not to mention when the horny clogs the pores, causing acne, pimples and even inflammation and other terrible skin disasters.

③ Cleansing oil removes blackheads: Cleansing oil is a kind of oil added with emulsifier, which can take away makeup and excess oil stains, and has a certain effect on pores.

④Coated cotton egg white to remove blackheads: Use hot water to steam the face, let the pores on the nose open, then use the cotton pad to moisten the egg white and apply it on the nose. After five minutes, uncover the cotton pad to absorb some dirt.

⑤ Use pearl powder to remove blackheads: pearl powder has a good adsorption effect, massage can not only unclog pores, clean blackheads, but also inhibit grease and whitening effect. Using pearl powder and water to massage the nose every week can clean pores and remove blackheads, or wash face with cleanser to improve blackheads.


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