How to remove blackheads effectively?19 Tips to help you get rid of blackheads effectively

Types of blackheads:

Horn plugs blackheads: Many people secrete more oil in their pores. Too much oil cannot be removed in time, blocking the pores and oxidizing the pores to form the most common keratin.

Blackheads in the pores of the hair: in the pores of the hair follicle, it should be a hair, a little irritant or other reasons, can be found in the pores of the same pore, this type of blackhead is more common on the cheeks on both sides of the nose Also, small black hairs growing on the pores belong to the category of this skin problem, and such blackheads are more difficult to discharge with acne needles.

Melanin blackheads: Grease can clog pores and cause inflammation, leading to the activation of melanocytes at the bottom of the pores, producing melanin, because the pores are blocked and cannot be discharged. This is why some people’s pores still look black after their blackheads are expelled.

How to remove blackheads most effectively:

Tip 1. Generally, blackheads are dirt, then first, you must wash your face. Serious people also have blackheads on their foreheads. The first step of cleaning should be thorough, especially in the triangular area centered on the nose. The oil is the most serious and the most prone to contamination.

Tip 2. Hot compress, apply heat to the place where you need to remove blackhead, make the pores widen, and prepare for the subsequent process.

Tip 3. After feeling the pores are open (the hot place is hot), you can start to remove the blackheads. The physical method, which is directly removed. The blackheads are pulled out of the pores with the help of adhesion. The most common is the nose patch. When the skin is not dry, stick the sticky nose patch (the nose patch should not be too wet) When the nasal patch is completely dry and starts to harden, then lift the nasal patch from bottom to top, you will find that a lot of blackheads are pulled out.

Tip 4. Deep cleansing, many deep cleansing masks have a certain effect of removing blackheads, generally can remove the old cuticle, so that the oil particles plugged inside can be discharged more smoothly, but the effect of this mask will not be like a physical method as direct as that, many people will find that although using a deep cleansing mask to remove blackheads once can not obviously remove a lot, but regularly and continuously, you will gradually find that the blackheads have grown less.

Tip 5. In recent years, there are some blackhead outlet liquids on the market. By applying fumigation and fumigation, the blackheads are emulsified and softened and easily discharged from the pores. If the large blackheads need to be massaged for a while, let it soften and then gently squeeze out with an acne stick .

Tip 6. Use raw cucumber eggs go blackhead

Eggs without egg yolks. Take out the egg whites separately, dip the thinly sliced cucumbers with the egg whites. After the cucumber slices are dry, apply them to the face after cleansing and wait for 15 minutes to remove.

Note: The cucumber slices should be thin to allow nutrients to be absorbed, and the eggs should be as fresh as possible.

Tip 7. Use cleansing oil to blackheads

Before removing blackheads, apply a hot towel on the face for 3 minutes to open the pores of the face, which can better remove the blackheads. Then apply cleansing oil on the blackheads, and then use the fingertips to massage the blackheads in a clockwise circular motion. Slowly, you will find that the blackheads will slowly penetrate, and then wash it with warm water, preferably with cold water again, to achieve the effect of shrinking pores.

Tip 8. Deep Cleaning

If you clean your skin with perfunctory, blackheads will continue to grow under your perfunctory behavior. To thoroughly remove blackheads, be sure to use a gentle deep cleansing facial cleanser. Oily skin must develop the habit of regular exfoliation. Exfoliating treatments are performed once a week. Deep cleansing facial cleanser not only helps remove greasy skin dirt and oil, but also reduces blackheads. The classic method of pain essentially curbs the growth of blackheads.

Tip 9. Use milk and salt to remove blackheads

Mix table salt with 5 drops of fresh milk, apply it to the blackheads before the salt is completely dissolved, and massage gently. Blackheads will slowly dissolve under the force of massage. When the salt has completely melted, it can be washed with water.

Tip 10. Use egg white to remove blackheads

Filter the egg whites, then use a thin cotton pad to soak the egg whites. Clean your face, stick the cotton pad covered with egg white and the blackheads. After about 20 minutes, the cotton pad should also be dried, and then remove the cotton pad.

Tip 11: Use Yogurt to remove blackheads

Preparation materials: skim yogurt

Method: First clean the face, apply it with a hot towel for about 3 minutes, then apply the prepared yogurt on the place with blackheads, apply a thick layer to see the skin, wait for the yogurt to dry Thoroughly rubbing with your fingertips at this time, the dirty things will come out, wash with warm water, and rub on firming water.

Tip 12. Use baking soda powder to remove blackheads

Preparation materials: facial cleanser, baking soda powder

Method: First prepare the blackhead cleansing milk, squeeze the cleansing milk in the palm, then add a small amount of baking soda in the cleansing milk, rub it with clean water, put your hands on the face, just like washing your face normally, after washing for 10 minutes Wash with water again. Not only can it cleanse the face while removing blackheads, long-term adherence can make the skin clean and refreshed.

Tip 13. Towel cold compress method

Put clean towels in the refrigerator to refrigerate, wash your face with hot water, immediately put on the ice towel after washing, wait until the towel is no longer cold and removed. This alternating hot and cold can promote blood circulation in the skin and help clear blackheads.

Tip 14. In the diet, it is best not to eat spicy, greasy and heavy-tasting foods. It is recommended to eat more fruits and drink chrysanthemum tea and jasmine tea.

Tip 15. Face washing should not be excessive. We recommend you to choose cleansing products with good moisturizing properties. In addition, when cleaning the face, use warm water. Don’t use hot water, otherwise it will make pores bigger and open.

Tip 16. After washing your face, use a toner with astringent effect in time. Of course, you can also use pure dew instead.

Tip 17. Do exfoliating and blackhead care once a week. If the blackhead is serious, it can be removed with a pimple. After finishing, if you continue to spray the gel on your face, you can effectively shrink the pores.

Tip 18. Be a sleeping beauty with great skin. You should pay attention to the daily sleep time and let their skin sleep.

Tip 19. Use carrot,egg yolk and shrinking mask

Materials: half carrot, egg yolk.

Method: Cut the carrot into small pieces and put it into the juice machine together with the egg yolk to beat the mud.

How to use: After cleansing, apply the mask to your face for about 20 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water, 1-2 times a week.

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