Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum,3 IPL Beauty Lamps Care,Facial Acne Comedone Cleaner


Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum,3 IPL Beauty Lamps Care,Facial Acne Comedone Cleaner

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Input voltage: 5V/1A

Product Size: 17.5cm*4.5cm*4.5cm


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Professional Blackhead Remover -Designed with the latest pore vacuum concept, Adopt exclusive IPL beauty lamp Technology, Electric blackhead remover has 3 functions of IPL beauty lamp, which can restore skin elasticity, decompose melanin, and make skin rejuvenation. Easily cleans up the blackhead, Removes dirt grease inside pores, reduces dead skin and fine lines, massage and tighten the skin.


✔ PROFESSIONAL & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – This pore vacuum helps to remove blackhead, refine coarse pore, acne, removes dirt grease, reduces dead skin, massage and tighten the skin. It is designed for a variety of skin types with 5 adjustable suction levels. Suction levels 1-2 are suitable for sensitive skin, extract surface blackhead; suction levels 3-4 are suitable for neutral skin, extract deep blackhead; the highest suction 5 is suitable for mixed and oily skin, extract stubborn blackhead.

✔ HIGH QUALITY & 65KPA STRONG SUCTION – Combined with innovative vacuum technology and advanced physiotherapy, it achieves strong suction of up to 65kpa, will not harm the skin, deeply cleans facial pore, more safe and effective than using mask or metal extractor.

✔ FIVE BEAUTY LAMP TECHNOLOGY – Designed with exclusive IPL beauty lamp technology, RED, GREEN, and BLUE LAMP which can promote collagen regeneration, decompose melanin, let skin return water tender and transparent, improve skin problem of rough and damage.

✔ 6 REPLACABLE SUCTION HEADS – Choice different heads size to fit different face areas. Small size head has weaker suction, remove blackhead, increase skin elasticity. Medium Size head has moderate suction, cleaning more thoroughly. Large size head has stronger suction, easier to remove stubborn blackehead, cosmetic residue. Oval Hole Head reduces micro wrinkle on the corner of eyes, mouth, making your skin smooth and tightened.

✔ SAFE AND NONTOXIC – Made of reliable ABS material and authoritative CE FCC RoHS certificated to ensure you feel assured during using our pore vacuum extractor. It uses an effective physical approach to solve the skin problems without any chemicals. It is safer and more effective than traditional facial cleaning method.



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