Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner ,with 5 Suction Heads,USB Rechargeable with LED Display


Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner ,with 5 Suction Heads,USB Rechargeable with LED Display

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FDA, CE, ROHS certificated

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Safety is our priority to care about you. After long time tested and with FDA, CE, ROHS certificated, this blackhead remover suitable to clean all kinds of skin and skin problems.

What are the blackheads? How do the blackheads form?

Blackheads are a type of mild acne. Like whiteheads, they happen when a pore gets plugged by excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. This plugged pore is called a comedone.If the comedone is closed to the surface of the skin, it’s a whitehead. If it’s exposed to the surface of the skin, it forms a blackhead.The black color isn’t dirt. Instead, it comes from how the substances in the plugged pore react with air.

Skin naturally produces sebum (or oil) which is essential to keep skin hydrated. When skin produces excess sebum, dead skin and impurities can become trapped inside of pores and cause them to become clogged. When these clogged pores are open, the impurities within the pore are exposed to the air and oxidize, turning a darker brown, black or grey color and forming a blackhead.

How do our blackhead vacuum work?

Unlike topical skincare products that exfoliate or dissolve the sebum, dead skin, dirt, and other impurities, pore vacuums use suction to physically extract the gunk before your eyes.Our Blackhead extractors simply work to suck out all the sebum with a machine rather than manually. This makes the process faster, less painful, cleaner, and relatively stress-free compared to most other options.Exfoliation and pore penetration to loosen up pores and help the vacuum work could include:steam,glycolic acid ,salicylic acid.

Are there any risks of using our blackhead vacuum?

Our Blackhead vacuums are professional Food and Drug Administration (FDA),CE and Rohs approved devices that experienced technicians operate.So our blackhead vacuums are generally safe to use, but be sure to use appropriate settings depending on your skin.Bruising can result from too much suction.Too much suction can also result in telangiectasias.Also,If you have skin issues like rosacea, proceed with caution.

How to use blackhead removal vacuum?

5 Replacemnet Heads & 5 Adjustable Modes

5 replacement Heads

Oval Heads: Smooth Fine Lines

Cold Ball Head: Facial Lifting

Big Size Circular Head: Comedo Sunction,Skin Tighting

Small Size Circular Head: Cleansing Pore For Sensetive Skin

Largest Round Suction Head: Scrapping clearing damp for body.

 5 Adjustable Modes

Level 1 fits to sensitive skin;

level 2 is for dry skin;

level 3 is for neutral skin;

level 4 is for oily skin;

level 5 is perfect for deep cleaning for the skin


✔  FDA, CE, ROHS certificated

✔ Latest Advanced Vacuum Technology

✔ Non-toxic and Non-irritating Material

✔ 5 Replaceable Suction Heads

✔ 5 Adjustable Modes

✔ USB Rechargeable

✔ LED Display

✔ Battery Capacity:900mAh

✔ Input Power: 5v-1A

✔ Rated Voltage: 3W

Professional Treatment For Cleaning, Care Your Beauty

✔ Suitable for all skin types:Pore cleaner is designed to be easy to use, and it includes five detachable treatment heads, which ensure that it can be used on all skin types.

✔ Blackhead Removal: This face vacuum sucks out everything from whiteheads to dead skin cells. It’s particularly effective against blackheads as it gets rid of the sebum that causes them in the first place

✔ Skin-smooth and Tighten: Air pump technology, which pulls the skin, blackhead remover improves the double chin, and achieves v-shaped face.

✔ Smooth Fine Lines: Properly used, the blackhead remover vacuum can promote blood circulation, lift and tighten your skin to make you look younger than your actual age.



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