How to get rid of blackheads? 8 tips help you get rid of blackheads Permanently

Usually the nose is the easiest part to grow blackheads. This is because our nose loves to produce oil, plus dead skin cells that are not cleaned in time and the oil and fat of the skin are mixed to form blackheads. Therefore, the key to preventing blackheads is to remove excess oil and control oil, and do a good job of cleaning every day. In addition, try to avoid skin care products with too high oil content, especially oily skin, you can choose a refreshing texture, which can control oil and moisturizing lotion for daily maintenance.


The best way to remove blackheads:



Tip 1 : Salt toothpaste to blackheads


Make a paste with salt toothpaste and supernatant water, apply a hot towel on the face to fully open the pores, then use a toothbrush to take a light brush on the blackheads, wash them off with water after 2 minutes and squeeze out the blackheads, but it is not recommended Squeeze it directly by hand, this will make pores thicker and blackheads will increase.


Tip 2 : Use raw eggs to remove blackheads


Peel off the thin layer of egg film inside the raw egg, mix it with egg white and carefully stick it on the nose, then use a hair dryer to blow gently against your nose, dry it, and then slowly The dried egg film is slowly torn off. At this time, you can see that there are a lot of “black heads” on the egg film from the nose, which can effectively relieve blackheads.


(Pay attention to the separation of egg white and egg yolk, do not apply egg yolk to your face)



Tip 3: Use Lemon to remove blackheads


Lemon is rich in vitamin C. It can not only shrink pores, but also remove blackheads and whiten skin. First take half a lemon, then add 3 to 4 drops of honey, mix well, and apply to blackheads or acne prone areas. After about five minutes, wash with warm water. It can effectively and safely prevent and eliminate blackheads.



Tip 4: Use honey to remove blackheads


After applying proper amount of honey to the nose, wash it off after 1 minute, once a day. It can remove blackheads and beautify the skin.



Tip 5:  deep cleansing


Use facial cleanser to wash your face, deep cleansing, regular exfoliation can unclog pores, regular use of cleansing mask to achieve a deep cleaning effect, can also inhibit oil secretion, remove blackhead paste and blackhead export solution, can not be used daily, once a week is enough Pay attention to moisturizing and oil control, and do the cleaning work carefully every day is the key to preventing blackheads.


Notice: Wash your hands before washing your face with facial cleanser. The oil on your hands will affect the cleansing effect of the facial cleanser. When squeezing the facial cleanser, be sure to rub out a rich and delicate foam in the palm of your hand before starting to clean the face, especially the blackheads, you can massage for a while, more than half a minute, and then rinse.

Tip 6: Regular exfoliation


Regular exfoliation can unclog the pores and make the pores easier to drain away, so that it will not block the pores and form blackheads.



Tip 7: steaming your face


Using steam to steam your face, you can open the pores of the facial skin, and then blackheads will emerge, and then gently scrape off with a tool. Generally, you can use a basin to put some hot water, and then put your face on the top of the basin, or use a steaming machine to steam your face. When the pores are open, you can remove the blackheads. This method is often used to effectively remove blackheads.


Tip 8: Use toothpaste to remove blackheads



Preparation materials: a pure white toothpaste (try to choose a mild toothpaste with natural plant ingredients to avoid unnecessary skin irritation.)




Firstly, steam the surface with hot water or steam to allow the pores to open naturally, which is beneficial for deep pore cleaning.


Secondly, Clean the face with warm water or cleansing milk, then squeeze out a small amount of toothpaste and apply it to the area with blackheads on the T area or nose, and push it out evenly until it is completely white. There will be a cool feeling in the place.


About 5 minutes later, the coolness of the applied area is very light or even disappeared, then rinse the toothpaste with clean water and it’s OK. At this time you will find that the annoying blackheads are indeed gone.



The easiest and fastest step to remove blackhead:


  1. Clean the face with warm water, do not use a towel, wash it with a cotton pad, and wash gently;


  1. Steamed face. If you don’thave a steamed facemachine, prepare a bowl of hot water. If there is hot water, place the blackheads against the hot water and steam for five minutes. If it is too hot, you can also use a hot towel to keep the temperature of the towel for a while, not more than ten minutes.


  1. After steaming, you look in front of the mirror, the miracle appears, and all the blackheads are densely packed. At this time, find an acne needle. After disinfection, gently scrape the blackheads off. Press lightly with one end, be sure to be light! Be sure to be light! Be sure to be light! Otherwise our pores will be at risk of becoming larger.


  1. Wash your face in cold water, wash it again, apply pore astringent water, and then apply daily skin care products, but avoid areas with blackheads.


  1. If there is no essence that shrinks the pores, use refrigerated lotion and pat dry with your hands.


However, because toothpaste has a certain irritant, so when using toothpaste to remove blackheads, some small details should still be paid attention to.




  1. The method of removing blackheads with toothpaste cannot be used every day, it is enough to use it once a week. After all, after removing blackheads, the stratum corneum of the skin is very fragile and it will take some time to recover, so the frequency of use should not be too frequent.


  1. After applying toothpaste, try to ensure that the nose is moist. Do not wait until the toothpaste is completely dry before washing it, and do not wash it again the next day because the toothpaste contains fluoride, which is irritating and easy to damage after a long time. skin.


  1. After removing blackheads, be sure to apply astringent or skin lotion and do a good job of moisturizing, so as to avoid the comeback of blackheads.


  1. Skin allergies or acne with acne can not be used, otherwise it will cause skin infections.


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