What causes blackheads?How blackheads form? Eleven reasons tell you how blackheads occur

1. The first reason : The biggest reason for the formation of blackheads is clogged pores.


The essence of blackheads is grease, and it is hardened grease. So why does the grease become hard and black? Because the blackheads are exposed on the surface of the skin, they will become black after the oxidation and weathering of the air and become hard. So the reason for the formation of blackheads is clogged pores.


Blackheads are hardened oily obstructions that usually appear on people’s face, forehead, nose, etc. When the oil glands are excessively stimulated and the pores are filled with excess oil to cause blockage, people often have a greasy feeling in the nose and its surrounding parts. These oils will eventually harden and form black dots after oxidation. These small point is a grease block which is called a blackhead.


People with acne and blackheads have rough skin, and blackheads are actually very thick. Many oil particles tend to block the pores that people open, and there are also hard pimples in the skin, which are always induced repeatedly. Acne, even serious unevenness. If we can compare acne to an active volcano, blackheads are like dead volcanoes, but they also have a certain impact on the beauty of female friends.



2. The second reason : Sometimes the blackheads in different parts of the body reflect a problem with the function of a corresponding organ.


(1) If there are blackheads on the nose, Maybe your stomach is not good


Although the main cause of the serious blackhead problem is cleanliness, if you have a friend whose skin is particularly clean, but the nose circle is always a bit dark, then you can guess that she may have a bad stomach, not necessarily a disease It may be that the stomach is weak, because the reflection part of the nose to the body is the stomach.


If the blackheads on your nose start to clear after about two or three weeks, it is just a skin problem, which is normal, but if it is obvious three or four days after cleaning, then you should pay attention to nourishing the stomach . You see, a person with rosacea has a bad stomach because he drinks too much and hurts his stomach.


(2) If there are blackheads around the nose wings,Maybe you are in a bad mood.


This is another place related to mood. If you take a closer look, if the pores on both sides of your nose are round, it is pure oily skin. But if the pores are slanting downward, it means you are emotionally stressed. If your eyebrows are awkward around the nose, then you should ask yourself if you need a holiday.



(3) Blackheads on the forehead are related to your reproductive system


This is the reflex area of our reproductive system. Many people will have acne or blackheads before menstruation. This is normal. The best treatment is to not provoke it. Maybe it is just after the menstruation is over.



(4) Blackheadson the eyebrow are releated to the pressure point of the cervical spine


If the blackheads on the eyebrows are particularly thick, you have to consider whether the recent pressure is a little bit bigger? Because the organ reflected here is the cervical spine in Section VII-a very important pressure point for us. If your cervical spine is very uncomfortable or you are under a lot of pressure, your eyebrows will be “written” as clearly as a health report, and the pores in this area will be enlarged. If it develops into a depression, it means that your sub-health state is serious, and the body strongly requires decompression, relaxation, and relaxation.


(5) Blackheadson the chin and the philtrum are related to the digestive system


Some people especially like clean, but there are blackheads on the chin and the philtrum, it is likely that her digestive system is not very good. They may be more in need of food that helps the digestive system work than cosmetic products for external use.


3. The third reason : The skin is not clean enough

Some oils are secreted on the skin every day. If these oils cannot be cleaned as soon as possible, they will easily mix with dead skin cells, dust, dirt, etc. and settle in the pores, and eventually form blackheads.


4. The fourth reason : The skin sun protection is not enough


If you do not apply sunscreen, put on a parasol, wear a sun hat, etc. when you go out, the sun protection measures are not in place, the skin is overexposed, and the ultraviolet rays of the sun will cause great damage to the skin, causing the connective tissue to lose its elasticity and increase pores Larger, more and more oil accumulates in the pores, and skin problems such as blackheads are prone to occur if the cleaning is not timely.


5. The fifth reason : Improper use of skin care products


Skin care products should be selected according to their skin type. People with oily skin should choose oil control, but some people with oily skin choose skin care products that are too greasy, such as lotions, day creams, etc., which will result in more vigorous sebaceous glands. The pores are easily blocked, and after a long time, blackheads and acne will appear.

6. The sixth reason : Excessive skin cleansing


Some people always worry that their skin is not clean enough, so frequent face washing results in little oil on the skin and the skin becomes tight and dry. At this time, the water and oil on the skin have become unbalanced, and problems such as blackheads are prone to occur.


7.  The seventh reason: spicy and greasy diet


If you prefer to eat spicy, fatty glycerin foods, such foods can also lead to strong secretion of sebaceous glands and excessive oil on the skin. People who like to eat spicy and greasy food are also more likely to cause blood heat and blood stasis problems, and Chinese medicine believes that people with blood heat and blood stasis are more prone to skin problems such as blackheads.


8. The eighth reason : Squeeze acne and pimples


When acne pimples grow, many people like to squeeze hard, but it brings serious problems:


First, many times we can squeeze out acne and pimples, but may leave indelible scars.


Second, during the squeezing process, the connective tissue around the pores is compressed and then deformed, which may fail to restore the original elasticity and support force, causing the skin to lose its elasticity.


Third, even if there are large blackheads, even if it is squeezed, the skin next to it loses springs, forming small holes, and oil and keratin are easily regenerated.


Moderate squeezing can be regarded as one of the methods to remove blackheads, but excessive stimulation can make the oil secretion glands of the skin accelerate to secrete more oil, just like we squeeze an oil palm fruit, the greater the strength, the more oil. And squeezing will cause more serious damage to delicate and weak skin,which are large pores and scars.


9. The nineth reason : stress and disorders of hormone secretion


Chinese medicine emphasizes the harmonization of yin and yang, and the stress will make the hormone secretion disorder, which will cause the adrenaline and androgen to rise, and the secretion of sebum will increase. In addition, during the female physiology period, especially after ovulation, the progesterone in the body will rise, which indirectly increases the secretion of sebum, and the acne on the face is easy to become acne.


10. The tenth reason :  Drugs

The effects of drugs vary from person to person. If you find that acne has become very severe after taking certain drugs, you should pay special attention to the ingredients of the drugs. As long as you can find them early, you can usually avoid injuries in time.


11. The eleventh reason : Some lotions and creams also cause blackheads to grow


Some lotions and creams also cause blackheads to grow on our skin because they contain certain inappropriate chemical ingredients. Although there are many products to promote sales performance, they all claim to contain no ingredients that will stimulate the growth of acne and acne. However, if you want to experiment to prove that all the substances contained in the care products will not cause the growth of acne and acne, it must take many years, so there are not many companies that have done experiments and tests. Therefore, even if there is a word on the cosmetics that it will not cause acne, there is no guarantee that these products really do not have these side effects. In this case, you should pay attention to check its ingredients and attributes when buying. It is better to choose mild and non-irritating products to remove blackheads and reduce pores.



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