Why does the laser hair removal cause skin darkening on the treated area?

1. No sun protection before and after laser hair removal surgery causes the skin to darken

Although the laser hair removal surgery itself will not cause the skin to darken, but if you do not pay attention to sun protection before or after the operation, the ultraviolet radiation will cause the deposition of melanin in the skin, resulting in the phenomenon of skin blackening. Therefore, no matter before or after laser hair removal surgery, we must pay attention to sun protection measures, apply sunscreen when going out, use sun umbrellas, sunglasses, sun hats, masks to block the sun .https://www.authoriwholesale.com/product/electric-razor/

2. Multiple hair removal methods cause the skin to turn black

After performing laser hair removal surgery, some people find that there are still small hairs in the hair removal area, they will use other hair removal methods to shave the hair, this method is wrong. Multiple hair removal methods will cause the barrier function of the skin to decrease and the skin to become sensitive, resulting in the deposition of melanin and resulting in darkening of the skin.

3. Dark skin after laser hair removal is easy to darken

After the laser hair removal, the skin becomes more fragile, the pores are easy to grow, the skin will appear melanin deposition, and wearing dark clothes may also cause the hair removal site to become inflamed and the skin darkens. Therefore, after the laser hair removal surgery, the doctor generally recommends that the subject wear clean, light-colored cotton underwear to avoid skin darkening.https://www.authoriwholesale.com/product/electric-razor/

4. Eating light-sensitive food before and after laser hair removal causes the skin to turn dark

If you are allergic to skin and have eaten light-sensitive foods such as lettuce, fennel, celery, etc. before doing laser hair removal, it may lead to the symptoms of solar dermatitis, resulting in dark skin. Therefore, before laser hair removal, it is best to avoid eating these light-sensitive foods, or ingesting other light-sensitive drugs.

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